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"I spent some time with Talent Web reviewing this product and I am amazed at how well it works. The scorecard is effective and efficient. It shows you relevant information on things you "assume" are fine and digs even deeper into other areas, such as lighting and people being able to see your face clearly, behaviour question responses and everyone's favourite; salary negotiation."
Sue, People and Culture Leader

"The process was innovative, professional, structured and so much fun. I do not 'love' video messaging and it was a first for me. You walked me through it. Gave great pointers specifically tailored to my experience. What was a real surprise and the strongest of value adds, was that you listened to my purpose and story and incorporated it into the video output, so that it would truly represent me"
Noa, Transformational Change Expert

John Doe

"The sessions went well beyond the content! When I received my feedback scorecard, several things were noted for instance presence, preparation. I was surprised that my environment was also ranked, and little did I know I had sound quality issues, and the lighting in my office was inappropriate for a 'face to face' interview. "
Craig , Sales Leader

John Doe